Colorful Spa Birthday Party

Mood Board

The color palette is a fun mix of neon pastels (pale pink, coral, peach, turq and marigold yellow), brought to life through florals, paper goods, sweet treats and balloons

Styling and Hosting Tips:

Create at least one “instagrammable”/ photo opp space. This could be focused on the main table with the spa treatments and snacks, the entrance, the backyard or the dessert table! Use the balloon garland, the number balloons, fringe tassel garland and the happy birthday balloons to create a fun backdrop for pics.

If budget permits, check out and choose either letters spelling out “HBD EMMA” or the number “13” and decorate with a balloon garland for an extra fun space! (see below for inspo)

Here are a couple of set up options:

1) Balloon Garland with alpha lit letters at exterior front entrance + fringe garland, number balloons and happy birthday balloon behind dessert table or spa treatment table

2) Balloon Garland at front exterior entrance w/ number balloons + fringe garland and happy birthday balloon behind dessert table or behind spa treatment table

2a.) Repeating the above option #2 but with adding the alpha lit letters and a second balloon garland to the backyard space

Greet guests at the door with the sparkling drink, complete with custom “13” drink stirrer

Don’t forget to have music playing before guests arrive.

If space permits, set up a beverage station away from the dessert and spa treatment tables, to encourage movement and mingling. Offer bottled water, cute sodas/ flavored sparkling water (in the party color palette if possible); You can use a beverage bucket with ice for most of the cans/ bottles, however, leave a few out for a cute display of color.

For Table Set-Ups: 

Dessert Table: I recommend setting up a table with desserts, with the cake as the focal point, surrounded by cute serving dishes/ smaller cake stands with the chocolate dipped oreos, custom cookies, candy and the smaller 6" plates (I also like to buy random desserts at nicer grocery stores, to make it extra cute!). Sprinkle the confetti on this table for an extra fun detail. A bar cart also works well for a dessert set up, if you have one. 

Main Table: This can be where you set up the savory foods (or just some of them, depending on room - the rest could be placed in the kitchen or on another table), the place settings (one medium 8" plate, napkin and utensils per guest), a few small florals (depending on the size of table) and votive candles. For florals, Trader Joe's, Whole foods and Central Market all have great options - If you want to make it easy, white and blue hydrangeas are always available and lovely! Invite the attendees to sit here to eat before the spa portion of the party begins. Once they are finished eating, clear the plates and food and bring out the spa stuff.

Spa treatment 'place settings' - Each seat at the table will get the following: 1 shallow bowl w/ 1 rolled white washcloth sitting in it, 1 facial mask, 1 vanity mirror, 1 nail buffer & file. You can place the nail polishes randomly along the table as part of the decor. 

Facial Masks: Attendees can wash their faces prior to applying. Have them apply the masks at the table using the mirrors. While they are applying them, grab the sliced cucumbers from the fridge and place them on a tray to pass around. 2 slices per guests, to place on their eyes. You'll want to get some pictures of this! :) While they are enjoying their facials, use a pitcher to fill each bowl halfway with water, so they can wet the washcloths and wash off the mask. Clear the table of bowls, washcloths & cucumbers so that they can then buff/ file and paint nails. 

Link to Decorations

Balloon Garland - You may want to purchase 2, depending on how you want to decorate

Fringe Garland - May also want to order two of these for a bigger impact

Drink Stirrers - Order the high ball length, for use in the stemless champagne glasses

FYI on Spa Items - The masks come in packs of three, so order 1 pack per every 3 guests, each order of nail buffers and files contains 6 buffers and 6 files, washcloths come in packs of 4. Target vanity mirrors and bowls, need 1 per guest.

Cake Candles from Target - Unfortunately you'll need two packs as 1 pack only contains 12 candles!

Invitation - 'Watercolor Confetti - Party' from Paperless Post

Food & Drink Ideas:

Charcuterie Board –

Offer a teen friendly mix of cheeses (white cheddar, brie, gouda for example), fruits (strawberries, dried apricots or cranberries, apple slices) chocolate and nuts, along with crackers.

To assemble: Cut hard cheeses into slices and arrange on a large board (or 2 smaller boards), add soft cheese and a cheese knife, leaving space between each cheese option. Fill in the empty space with fruit, chocolates, and crackers! Keep extra crackers nearby to refill the board.

Veggie & Hummus Tray –

Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and *sliced cucumbers, surrounding a bowl of hummus. You could also add pita bread and/or pretzels or bagel chips for a more filling option. *Save some sliced cucumbers for the spa treatments (2 slices per guest) and chill until the party

Tea Sandwiches –

Store bought option: Central Market Catering department offers a great tea sandwich assortment (make sure to place your order within 48 hours of the party)

Or you can easily make your own, by using your favorite sandwich fillings, cutting the crusts off and cutting the sandwiches in half (diagonally) twice, to create 4 small triangles. Some favorites are chicken salad, thinly sliced cucumber with cream cheese, turkey and cheese, pimento cheese. Plan on 3-4 sandwiches per guest

Desserts –

Cake, custom cookies, white chocolate dipped Oreos with colorful sprinkles. For an extra pop of color, buy candies in the party color palette and place them in glass vases or bowls to display on the table (with a large spoon for self-service).

For the cake: A 6" round cake would suffice for 12 servings. Size up to an 8" to serve up to 20 and a 10" for 24 servings. 

See two cute decorating techniques below. Market Street Bakery or any other cake baker that you like should be able to do this, in the correct color palette (you can email them the mood board for color inspiration):

Shag Cakes... 

Palette Knife Cakes...

Chocolate/ Candy Covered Oreos: 

1 package of white almond bark or candy melt
1 package of oreos
Sprinkles (from decorations list)
Melt the almond bark according to directions. Dip in oreos, either completely covering them or dipping them only halfway, place on wax paper and add sprinkles. Allow to cool and then serve on a cute serving dish!


Welcome to the party drink: Cranberry-Grape Spritzer

1/3 cup of cranberry-apple juice
1/3 cup of grape juice
Top with sparkling water
Lemon slices for garnish (optional)
Chill juices and sparking water for at least 2 hours before the party. Right before guests arrive, pour juices in each flute, top with sparkling water and add stirrer