Space Theme Birthday Party

Mood Board:


Styling and Hosting Tips:

Start by selecting at least two areas to create ‘instagrammable’ spaces.

1) One idea is to use the entrance to the party as one of these spaces. Create a balloon arch, with streamers hanging down, that guests walk through to get into the party. Hang paper planets from the ceiling to create a magical moment… The more the better! Or, if you can make the room dark, use the super fun celestial projector to make the party goers feel like they're in space! (see links below for products)

2) Dessert table – This is another great place to go all out on decorating. Add your themed desserts, planet plates and rocket cups. Behind the table is another perfect place to hang a balloon garland + astronaut and rocket balloons!

3) Bonus Points - If you or someone you know owns an airstream (or you can rent one on, use this as a 'space ship'! Purchase the galaxy tablecloth (see link to decorations), and cut it to fit on the windows. Tape it over the windows (with the printed side facing into the airstream) to make the kids feel like they are in a spaceship, looking out into space! Play a space themed movie or music in the airstream for the duration of the party. 

Be sure to have music playing inside and outside if you plan on being in both spaces. 

Have two games or activities for the kids to do… Below are a couple of ideas: (links to everything are in the ‘link to decorations’)

Tattoo Station – Create an area for kids to apply temporary tattoos. You’ll need the tattoos, a cute bowl with water and some white, heavy duty paper napkins

Color the rocket art activity

Link to Decorations:

Playlist: Search "Space Party tsc" on Spotify

Food/ Drink Ideas:

Cake – You can have a bakery handle this, simply let them know size, and send them an inspiration pic (from mood board). Place it on a cake stand with candles and a topper and you’re set!

*For this cake, I ordered a six inch, three tier cake. I sent the bakery the cake image from the mood board, but let them know that the 'planets' were not needed. Instead, I added candles, the astronaut cake topper and fairy lights (all included in links to decorations). 

A 6" round cake would suffice for 12 servings. Size up to an 8" to serve up to 20 and a 10" for 24 servings.

Use cupcakes and black and white cookies as easy additions to the dessert table. Simply purchase cupcakes with white frosting and add these cool black/ grey/ silver sprinkles. 

To round out your sweets assortment, the easiest (and super cute!) desserts are white chocolate covered Oreos and pretzel rods. Simply melt white almond bark, white chocolate or candy melt and dip your Oreos (completely covering the cookie) or pretzels rods (cover ¾ of the length of the pretzels), lay them on wax paper, add your sprinkles and let them dry. You can also make rice crispie aliens, if you want to add pops of colors. Simply add your choice of food coloring to the last 1/3 of your melted white chocolate, and dip the top 1/3 of the rice crispie treats... Add a candy eye for a cute, one-eyed alien and three eyes for an extra silly alien. 

For the kids, offer juice boxes and mini bottles of water. For the adults, I always like to have beer and wine in a beverage bucket either in the kitchen or on the patio (away from the food, to encourage movement and mingling). For this party, we chose white & red wine, mini bottles of Lunetta Prosecco (the label has a moon on it), Space Camper Cosmic IPA from Boulevard Brewing, Super Cluster from Lagunitas and The Dark Cide cider from Bishop Cider Co.